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PHC Collaborates With Georgetown University For "In Your Shoes" Program

From Patrick Henry College:

By Marjorie Pratt

Last semester, PHC professors Dr. Cory Grewell and Dr. Mark Mitchell teamed up with Georgetown University's Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, Democracy and Governance Program, and their Baker Center for Leadership & Governance, asking students to participate in a program called “In Your Shoes.” Derek Goldman, a professor at Georgetown and a co-director of the school’s Laboratory of Global Performance and Politics, conceived the program because he “wanted to show that people with differing backgrounds and differing political views can all get together and find things in common,” said program participant Kara Brown, a senior at PHC.

It was originally pitched as a “Cross-Campus Project in Theatrical Performance and Dialogue between Georgetown University and Patrick Henry College,” according to the introductory pamphlet, but “what [the program] will actually be in the end, no one really knows,” Brown said. She and four other PHC students—senior Daniel Cochrane, junior Danielle Ford, sophomore Caleb Hoverson, and freshman Hope Sluka--meet twice a semester with five Georgetown students in order to participate in a variety of exercises designed to help them get to know each other.

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